Research and product design department

Our values

Develop and manufacture innovative products and present, for wide distribution.

Thanks to our experience in many industry sectors, we aim to put innovation at the center of the economy.

We are often betting on simplified concepts of industrialization, in order to reduce the economic pressure linked to investments often too high, and that penalized companies.
With this in mind to simplify the industrial process, simple assembly scenarios are imagined to quickly train even unskilled operators, with the possibility of establishing centers of employment assistance or rehabilitation centers.

Providing voluntary patents

Intech applies to help those in need. Especially, Intech has developed several patents to help the mobility of persons with motor disabilities. These patents were made ​​available to suitable associations so that they exploit the exclusive benefit for Persons with Disabilities, Auvergne Intech refusing any commercial activity on this.

O&C : Neo-Fit

The first universal platform of fitness

The Neo-FIT is the first platform of fitness dedicated to the handicapped and...


Sporting practice for people in armchair

Composed of an absorbing monoshell F13 democratizes the sporting practice for...


Assistance in the implementation in Auvergne

The Auvergne, industrial homeland ... this is why Intech, attached to the lands of Auvergne, promotes the establishment of new arrivals, manufacturers or not. Intech provides his local knowledge and its address book useful to those settlements.

Finally, Intech applies to link local businesses by creating synergies for the benefit of everyone.